ABOUT US: Northernartmarket.com is home to talented artists, artisans and makers who live in the north.... most in northern Ontario (Canada). We welcome you into our world of unique art pieces and gift items, hand-made by talented makers you may have already met in Northeastern Ontario Farmer’s Markets, seasonal shows, and art markets. 

ABOUT SHIPPING: If you live in the north and purchase from one of our artisans, then "shipping" can be as easy and neighbourly as pick-up or drop-off arrangements. Or you discuss with the artisan your preferred method of shipping! 

  1. Purchase your item through our secure, online checkout system. 
  2. After the purchase, email the artisan to discuss shipping arrangements, as discussed above. Discuss if it is to be picked up, dropped off, or if the item must be shipped. If the item is to be shipped and there is a cost involved, discuss with the artisan your preferred method of payment for shipping -  be it sending a parcel C.O.D. or letting the artisan handle the shipping and paying them for it via e-transfer. 
  3. If you have any difficulty making shipping arrangements, please contact us to help out by emailing hello@northernartmarket.com 

When you purchase from an artisan on our website, you are supporting a fellow northerner. Thank you! 

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