Amethyst and Black Jasper 3 Bracelet Stacking Set





Amethyst is a crystal with a deeply calming influence. It can help you slow down, declutter your thoughts and get to the bottom of an anxiety inducing situation. If you are someone who obsesses, or thinks yourself in circles this stone would be good for you.  The only way to exit the cycle of chronic overthinking is exploring a new way to think.

Amethyst is a great support in the journey of spiritual awakening.  It can help you see through the things that are in the way, so you can finally find the answers you’ve been seeking.  It’s great for anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD or addictive patterns of behavior as well due to this aspect.  Amethyst helps you go inward, to find out what it is that you need, and where you’re self-sabotaging in your life or not prioritizing the right things. 

Black Jasper


Black Jasper is a stone known for its grounding abilities.  It works primarily with the lower Chakras. It helps find stability in a person’s life and encourage them to create behaviours that promote that stability, and find the opportunities for change.  It can help you when it comes to finding the things that you want because it has an ability to implement the tools for manifestation. It gently cleanses your energy field,and provides a calming influence during a crisis.  It can increase your sense of motivation and enthusiasm. This is a great stone to wear when you’re feeling low for that reason, as well as the grounding influence because it can reset the energy you’re experiencing. 

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