Cedar and Blue Calsilica 3 Stacking Bracelet Set




Blue Calsilica

This gemstone also goes by the name rainbow calsilica.  It enhances one’s mental function. It can help strengthen the memory, quicken the responses within the brain and help with retaining important information. It can also help with one’s attention span.  It helps to lessen the body’s responses when they go into overdrive. This could be helpful for someone with high stress, a lot of allergies, or someone sensitive to outside stimulus. It has some health benefits for the physical body as well. It can help to strengthen the cardiovascular system.  It works to balance the body and mind together, for optimal health. 



Cedar’s metaphysical properties involve cleansing negative energy from the environment and the wearer.  It is said to help connection with the spirit realm, especially to one’s ancestors. It is also revered as a proptective wood. 

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