Lepidocrocite, Blue Calsilica, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Cedar and Impression Jasper Strung Bead Necklace





Lepidocrocite’s primary function is to open the heart.  It is soothing to those who deal with outside stimulus, such as those with ADHD or on the autism spectrum. It helps calm the flow of information as well as the responses to the outside stimulus.  It carries a very high vibration, often said to fill the wearer with golden energy. It is known to be powerful when it comes to not only Chakra alignment, but it helps aligh the more sutble bodies within the aura, such as your Etheric body. This body helps you with your connection to the divine.  This type of Lepidocrocite is mixed with Quartz, providing an even stronger amplification of its energies. It can help teach you to take a passive stance in your life, where you can absorb the information, and grow from it more deeply. In meditation, it can help you make contact with your spirit guides and the angelic realm. 

Blue Calsilica

This gemstone also goes by the name rainbow calsilica.  It enhances one’s mental function. It can help strengthen the memory, quicken the responses within the brain and help with retaining important information. It can also help with one’s attention span.  It helps to lessen the body’s responses when they go into overdrive. This could be helpful for someone with high stress, a lot of allergies, or someone sensitive to outside stimulus. It has some health benefits for the physical body as well. It can help to strengthen the cardiovascular system.  It works to balance the body and mind together, for optimal health. 


Cedar’s metaphysical properties involve cleansing negative energy from the environment and the wearer.  It is said to help connection with the spirit realm, especially to one’s ancestors. It is also revered as a proptective wood. 

Impression Jasper

Impression Jasper helps to bring balance to all elements of the mind, body and soul connection. It helps you look at your life as whole and see where you may be out of balance.  It absorbs negative energy. It can help with overstimulation of the nervous system, and heal any issues found there. It also is good for relieving anxiety. It builds hope, receptivity, understanding and trust.  It can help you develop a sense of peace and harmony in your life. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone that releases negativity, and promotes unconditional love. The chakra it resonates with the most is the heart chakra. It helps to restore trust, dispels fear and toxic thoughts in the wearer as well as strengthening the connection between the third eye chakra and the heart chakra. It promotes self-acceptance and self love.


Garnet is said to increase energy, regeneration and vitality. It balances emotions and protects against stress. It brings manifestations into reality, and helps one achieve their dreams. 


It is important to note that as this bracelet is made of wood, it is important to keep it away from water. Flora Fauna Healing is not responsible for damages to the wood in the necklace caused by water

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